While many California homeowners have heard of the homestead exemption, few understand how this powerful tool can be used to ensure that homeowners stay in their homes, despite creditors, judgments, and even bankruptcies. Below, the experienced California bankruptcy attorneys at Talkov Law provide the tips and tricks to maximize your California homestead exemption.

What is a Homestead Exemption?

As explained in our blog post on the new California Homestead Exemption, a homestead exemption is a regulation that shields a homeowner's principal residence from creditors in the case of bankruptcy, judgment creditor, or death of a spouse. The California Constitution provides that "[t]he Legislature shall protect…

Talkov Law has launched Partition Lawyer California, a website dedicated specifically to ending co-ownership disputes. The experienced attorneys at Partition Attorney California understand the complex issues related to partition actions, including business, contracts, bankruptcy, inheritance, trusts, probate, family law, and domestic partnerships. Dozens of partition actions through California have been successfully handled by our attorneys.

Court Grants Anti-SLAPP Motion Siding With Talkov Law’s First Amendment Briefing

Upholding the First Amendment, a California court granted an Anti-SLAPP motion to strike a restraining order petition filed by Carlsbad City Councilwoman Cori Schumacher against three outspoken online critics of the elected official. Siding with Talkov Law, this ruling confirms that freedom of speech protects blog posts and social media criticism of public officials, despite the hopes of elected officials to squelch public debate and silence pundits.

The case began in September 2020, when Carlsbad City Councilwoman Cori Schumacher filed a Civil Harassment Protection Order (CHPO) petition against three local residents who were openly critical of the politician in social…

Many debtors, creditors, legal professionals, and others have heard of bankruptcy, but need more information to determine whether bankruptcy is the right option, and how to assert their rights after a bankruptcy is filed. This guide by an experienced bankruptcy attorney in California will assist in navigating the complex laws under the United States Bankruptcy Code. Remember that filing for bankruptcy has significant legal consequences that should only be undertaken in conjunction with the advice and counsel of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

1. What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding filed in federal court in which an individual or a business requests relief…

Talkov Law’s Los Angeles Office — one of 7 current Talkov Law offices

Talkov Law Corp celebrates a full year in business despite the exceptional circumstances due to Covid-19. Talkov Law, which was founded by lead attorney Scott Talkov in January 2020, has emerged as one of California’s preeminent law firms for real estate, family law, business, bankruptcy, and trusts & probate issues. Talkov Law prides itself on having lawyers who are accessible, resourceful, skillful and adept at responding to change. As a law firm built with integrity, Talkov Law consistently strives for the best possible results and provides the best legal service for our clients. …

Contract Termination Complaint Due to Coronavirus Pandemic [Free Draft Lease Cancellation Lawsuit Template Example]

Complaint for Cancellation of Lease / Contract Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you are trying to get out of your lease or otherwise breach and terminate a contract due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic without damaging your credit score? Fortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic has created a seemingly unforeseeable situation that may be deemed by courts to be a force majeure (sometimes called an act of God), a frustration of purpose, or to give rise to an impossibility or impracticability of performance, thereby allowing the lease or contract to be terminated.
If our force majeure letter requesting termination of contract due to the Coronavirus pandemic does not have the desired effect, the…

Coronavirus Negligent Transmission Lawsuits Have Become the Next Big Thing

As published by the real estate attorney in Riverside at TalkovLaw.com.

Can You Sue Someone for Transmitting Coronavirus? California Supreme Court seems to suggest negligence cause of action is possible.

UPDATE March 9, 2020: Princess Cruise Line gets hit with lawsuit for exposing passengers to Coronavirus (Source: TMZ).
With Coronavirus transmissions on the rise, lawyers will start asking whether someone can be sued for negligently transmitting Coronavirus. The answer appears to be that (you guessed it): it depends.
Chances are that the cost of bringing such a suit would be so expensive…

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